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A modern Company, set up according to innovative principles, specialised in markers production.

FIABA shows a long history: the company was founded in 1947 and since than it has been gaining market shares.

The wide range of products and their unicity as per quality and durability brought the company to reach a very important level in the field of art and amateurs.


Fabbrica Italiana Articoli Belle Arti faced the market in 1947, under the leadership of mr. Dino Venzo, it was organised to produce oil colours, water borne colours, Plaxtin and tools for painters.

Ahe brand, step by step, become well known in the world of art and the request of product made by art and schools of art are continuously increasing. All this happens due to the knowledge and skillness of mr. Dino Venzo who customerised standard products and, being himself a painter, improved the range of the products. The son of Dino, mr. Renzo Venzo, took over the company moving its location from Cucciago first to Como and finally to Albese con Cassano, one of actual productive sites, renewing the company and reorganizing the production processes.

"Previdenza Sociale e Lavoro in Italia" a national authority concernig job and employment,
defined FIABA as :

"(...) a company that brings honour to the territory of Como as a result of strenght, keen commitment and wide experience"

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The real revolution in the company happened with the next generation.
At his taking over mr. Gherardo Venzo combined his father’s and grandfather’s knowledge adapted the products to a wider market share and created the actual range of markers.
The production of all components of the markers was centralised by purchasig the new machinery to assemble aluminium bodies of markers.
Since the new production lines were asking for more space a second production site was started in the new location of Albavilla.

Nowadays FIABA offers a wide range of professional markers with plastic or lithographed aluminium body, with valve or felt technology, that can be personalised with private label and packaging on customer request.